Sustainability Review

As an organisation, we committed to report on our activities that impact the lives of the rich diversity of people who live in territories in which our business operates. CCS remains resolutely committed to continuous improvement in the stewardship of all our resources. In 2008 the report reflected that CCS is on track towards meeting its sustainability commitments. The Sustainability Review provides evidence of this in many different projects. Some of the countries in which we operate faced major challenges over the past few years; ranging from natural disasters to political and civil instability. The fact that our people have, on each occasion, risen above the difficulty makes us very proud as an organisation, but also humbles us and makes us even more committed in our role as a corporate citizen. ‘We aim to build a healthy, sustainable organisation through the value chain that makes a positive contribution to our diverse stakeholders in all our territories’.

The Sustainability Review provides an overview of our Group’s performance under the broad definition of Corporate Responsibility. 

Wings and Wishes

Wings & Wishes was established in 2006 after a group of employees from Coca-Cola Sabco (Pty) Ltd developed the innovative idea of donating their frequent flyer miles as part of an internal Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The miles were committed to facilitating the transport of critically ill children and an accompanying family or suitable medical support team member to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, or an alternative appropriate medical facility, for treatment.

For more information visit the Wings and Wishes Website