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Molo! Sawubona! Welcome to South Africa.

With its world-class wildlife-watching, geographical extremes, stunning natural panoramas, high-energy cosmopolitan cities and a mix of vibrant cultures, South Africa is proud to be known as Africa’s rainbow nation.

Coca-Cola Fortune (CCF) is one of four licensed Coca-Cola bottlers in South Africa. It was born out of a significant 2002 merger between the South African operation of Coca-Cola Sabco and Fortune Holdings (East London and Mpumalanga) in 2002. The company is non-listed and operates from Port Elizabeth.

Coca-Cola Fortune has five manufacturing sites, situated in Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Nelspruit and Port Shepstone. It has approximately 3,000 employees – a wonderful diversity of people from all South Africa’s communities, who work together to create a workplace that is energetic, challenging, exciting and rewarding.

Coca-Cola Fortune’s achievements include the following:

  • It has an established record as an emerging market bottler, servicing a large footprint across rural and urban South Africa and accounts for just fewer than 24% of the total Coca-Cola sales volumes in South Africa.
  • Its five manufacturing sites and 17 sales centres ensure efficient sales service and distribution to about 75% of South Africa’s landmass.
  • Recent exciting developments have seen the range of beverages expanded to include a vast variety of juices, water, energy and sports drinks, along with the “old favourites” like Coke, Fanta and Sprite. 
  • Over the last five years CCF has consistently grown Net Sales Revenue.
  • In 2008, CCF won a Bottler of the year award which is an award annually presented by the Coca-Cola Company to the bottler with the best business results.
  • In 2009, production started at the state-of-the- art “Cheetah Plant” in Bloemfontein, with a 24 000 bph PET line.
  • In 2014, CCF unveiled a new Warehouse worth R273 million in Polokwane and opened its new PET line with a production speed of 32 500 bph.
  • CCF was the first Bottler to have a positive growth on Single Serve volume up 6.3% and grew Single Serve Transactions by 15m in 2013.
  • First Bottler to reach 20% and above market share in Tea within 8 months of launch.
  • First Bottler to exceed 65% market share in Sports drinks.
  • CCF was the only Bottler to grow SSD market share for Q1 2014, as well as the only Bottler with Energy market share above 30% YTD.
  • CCF was the first Bottler to launch entry size PET (330ml PET).
  • First Bottler in the world to use the Slingshot technology to purify water for local communities in the Eastern Cape.
  • CCF is the leading Bottler in contour bottle design i.e. 2.5L PET and 330ml PET.
  • The Polokwane Plant was the first in the world to launch Radical water/ECA (Electric Chemically Activated) water technology.
  • CCF was the first bottler in the world to have launched the TCCQS Evolution 2 technology in 2004.
  • CCF is the leading Bottler in Women Empowerment on the 5 by 20 program.
  • First Bottler in South Africa to launch SAP.

South Africans enjoy a wide range of beverages, including Coca-Cola, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Tab, Stoney, Iron Brew, Bonaqua, Valpre, Powerade, Minute Maid, Appletiser, Grapetiser and those from the Schweppes, Sparletta, Krest and Twist groups.


Managing Director:  Norton Kingwill
Acting Marketing, Sales and Distribution Executive: Andrew Connolly
Human Resources Executive: Dr. Amber Anderson
Finance Executive: Leon Barkhuizen
Manufacturing Executive: Seragi Mabudusha
Planning Executive: Louis Janse van Rensburg

Country Info

Population: 49 million
Capital: Pretoria
Business Language: English
Currency: Rand (ZAR)
GDP per capita: $5 684

Plant Info

Employees: 3 480
Plant Locations: Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Port Shepstone
Job Creation multiplier: ±64,6

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