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Bem Vindo! Welcome to Mozambique.

Mozambique, with its upbeat atmosphere, very friendly and welcoming people, overflowing markets, stunning beaches, excellent diving and magical off-shore islands, is making its mark on the African map. Situated on the exquisite south-eastern coast of Africa, the former Portuguese colony gained its independence on 25th June 1975 and in recent years has sparked increasing interest from investors (attracted by energy, minerals, oil &gas) and tourists.

Coca-Cola Sabco in Mozambique commenced operations in Maputo in March 1994, with a second plant established in Chimoio in July 1997 and a third in Nampula opened in June 2001. From just 80 employees at the start, the organisation has swelled to 1000 employees. Its consumer base is estimated at 24-million people.

Key events and achievements in the history of Coca-Cola Sabco Mozambique include the following:

  • The Chimoio plant was officially opened by the then Prime Minister of Mozambique, Dr Pascoal Mocumbi, while the Nampula plant was opened by the country’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Carlos Morgado.
  • The Maputo plant suffered massive damage during the devastating floods that washed the country in February 2000. Its swift and resilient recovery is one of this region’s remarkable success stories.
  • It is underway the construction of a US$130 million green field, state-of-the-art plant in Matola Gare, outskirts of Maputo

Mozambicans enjoy a wide range of beverages, including those from the Schweppes, Sparletta, Minute Maid, Twist and Mazoe groups, as well as Coca-Cola, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite and Bonaqua.


Managing Director: Simon Everest
Country Manufacturing Supply Chain Manager: Sergio Fernandes
Country Finance Manager: Nixon Shikuku Odira
Country Human Resources Manager: Samuel Maputso
Country Commercial Manager: Johan Taute
Country Customer Services Manager:  Ana Fernandes
Public Affairs & Communications Manager:  Francisco Tembe

Country Info

Population: 24 million
Capital: Maputo
Official Language: Portuguese
Currency: Mozambican Metical
GDP per capita: $1 178

Plant Info

Employees: 1 100
Plant Locations: Maputo, Chimoio, Nampula
Job Creation multiplier: ± 15 000
Number of MDC's:  241

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